PREORDER SHE… Bangle Bracelets
PREORDER SHE… Bangle Bracelets

PREORDER SHE… Bangle Bracelets

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Size: Small: 5.6cm/2.2" Diameter, 6.91" Inner Circumference
Medium: 6cm/2.36" Diameter, 7.41" Inner Circumference
Large: 6.5cm/2.56" Diameter, 8.04" Inner Circumference
Extra Large: 7cm/2.75" Diameter, 8.64" Inner Circumference

Bangles are waterproof, comfortable, and quiet.
Each bangle is sealed with a metal mantra tube; one side is for luck, the other for love.
Roll on easily; if they are snug, use some soapy water or lotion.
Use a string or fabric tape measure to measure your hand across the knuckles to see which size will fit you best.
These are made of polycarbonate tubing, which is slightly flexible, so these fit snug when going over your hand, but they will fit beautifully on your wrist; gently roll them over your hand to get them on.